Do you have debt, please contact us:
Phone (22) 292 03 90

The first step towards debts repayment


We encourage you to read the following guidelines which help to commence working with our Law Office and repay the debts on favorable conditions. After receiving a request payment letter from our Law Office, please take the following steps:


• Read carefully the letter received from our Law Office.

• Consult with our Law Office at telephone number 22 292 03 90 or fill out a contact form on our website. To help you to understand the situation and provide possible solutions to the matter, you are also welcome to personal meetings at our Law Office situated in the center of Warsaw (at 46 Wilcza street, 4th floor).


• In an interview with our helpful staff, please truthfully describe your financial situation, including all your financial burdens and income.

• Present preliminary conditions on which you are able to repay the debt.


Please, be aware that all your suggestions must be approved by our Client who is an the institution to which you are indebted. That is why the will of cooperation, sincerity and credibility are very important.