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The consequences for non-payment of the debt

Avoiding payment of the obligations always leads to their escalation not only by increasing of the interests but also the cost of the debt service. 

The ultimate consequence of a non-performing debt might be an institution of an enforcement proceedings carried out not only from the assets of the debtor, but also the assets of a spouse, or in the case of a partnership or a company from the personal assets of its partners or shareholders. Additionally, information about your debt will be stored in the National Debtors Register for a period of 10 years and the Loan Information Office. 
The price of an outstanding obligation not only is a growing debt, but also a loss of reputation not only as a business partner but as well as a regular customer. The consequences of non-performing debts are often disproportionate to their size that’s why no money is worth your and your family or closest relatives peace of mind.
We are aware of the fact that most of the debtors are honest people who for various reasons, often independent from them, no longer meet their financial obligations. Therefore, all of our staff will treat you with respect and want to help resolve the matter of repayment.