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Benefits for the debtor

Rączkowski & Kwieciński Law Office helps to solve financial matters by decreasing the height of the debt and service charge. In the negotiations between the creditor and the debtor, there is a possibility of: 

- spreading out payments of the debt,
- interests or even part of the debt relief if the bank agrees.
Please, do note, however, that these facilities are provided only for debtors who demonstrate through cooperation a good will and who fulfill made arrangements such as:
- terms of contact with our Law Office,
- terms for payment of specified amounts.
We request for systematic, regular contact with the Law Office, so that our cooperation proved to be satisfactory, also for you. The sooner you make the decision to enter into an agreement with us, the greater the chance for more favorable terms of repayment of the debt is. Constipating this process will only increase the financial burden of service charge. Please be aware that our staff who are at your disposal want to help you in reaching a settlement with the creditor and in the repayment of the debt.