Stages of debt enforcement proceedings



Trial stage activities are following:
- Negotiations with the debtors during trial stage of the case.
- Sending letters of reminder and default notices.
The Law Office seeks for amicable recovery of payments, even during trial stage of the case, what helps the Client to save time and expenses connected with  conducting the proceedings.
The help from the Law Office in a court proceedings includes full support in enforcement-warrant proceedings, electronic proceedings (EPU), writ-of-payment proceedings and ordinary proceedings, such as:
- preparing and formal verifying of documents,
- preparing and submitting statement of claim and further pleadings with the appropriate court,
- obtaining execution title,
- representing Clients during open trial,
- preparing appeals against rulings,
- representing Clients during appellate proceedings,
- supervision over the appropriate course of court proceedings,
- monitoring via telephone cases in the court.
In order to choose optimum way of conducting the court proceedings, after analyzing received documents, expected costs and time of court proceedings, the Client is suggested the right way of conducting court proceedings.
While court proceedings is conducted, from the date of institution of the proceedings, telephone-calls to debtors are made by a specialized team (Call Center). On each stage of the proceedings, the debtors are informed about the current phase of the proceedings via telephone calls (e.g. preparing the statement of claim, a case in the court, received writ of execution, preparing the case for enforcement proceedings) as well as about the possibility of resolving the case amicably by establishing a schedule of repayment or making a settlement.