Stages of debt enforcement proceedings



The help from the Law Office on this stage of proceedings comprises the following activities:
The Law Office by its original program e-Enforcement Officer [e-Komornik] cooperates with selected court enforcement officers in Poland what brings following benefits:
- considerable reduction of time on handing over the cases and registering them by court 
enforcement officers,
- exchanging the files by encrypted mail,
- reduction of costs of execution borne by the Client,
- permanent control of the activities carried out by the court enforcement officers,
- examination of the effectiveness of court enforcement officers.
The Law Office, in the enforcement proceedings, ensures a complete service regarding recollection of the debts including:
- final calls for payment,
- institution of enforcement proceedings, preparing an application to commence enforcement proceedings and submitting it to the suitable court enforcement officer,
- permanent control of the activities before court enforcement officers and cooperation with them,
- supervision over the proper course of enforcement proceedings,
- debt collection and obtaining the decision to terminate the enforcement proceedings due to redemption,
- obtaining the decision on discontinuance due to ineffectiveness of the enforcement 
proceedings confirming bad debts, entitling the Client to tax deduction of the debt,
- controlling the statute of limitation of the cases in which the debtors haven’t repaid the debts but in which the enforcement proceedings have been finished.
After finishing the proceedings due to ineffectiveness, the Law Office offers to carry out following activities in some cases, particularly in cases of high balance:
- active searching for assets,
- controlling the statute of limitation,
- regular processing of instituting a new enforcement proceedings.