The IT System in the Law Office comprises a number of improvements and functions allowing to improve work performance and reducing the failure rate of the errors, at the same time. This application is an original computer program created by the Law Office, that is being constantly modernized due to needs in order to further improvement of the work.
Reports established by the IT System are each time adjusted to individual needs and guidelines of the Client.
The Law Office modern IT system allows:
- to generate any pleadings submitted in the case in particular: default notices, bank enforce-ment titles, motion for issuing an enforcement clause to bank enforcement titles etc.,
- to categorize the cases upon selected criterias and selection of the right methods of 
conducting it,
- reporting – the form and the scope of the report are each time adopted to the Client’ needs.
The functionality of the IT system:
- on-line accessibility for Clients,
- applying of activity codes to inform about the activities in a given case,
- qualifying the cases – “granting them a number in a line”,
- reports analyzing the work of courts and court enforcement officers,
- regular preparation of reports in cases,
- creating text documents,
- calculator calculating the debt-to-date for the case,
- electronic folders of the debtors,
- electronic money transfers integrated with the database,
- the ability to create reports in various formats,
- merge mail and automatic registration of its return,
- activities record containing information about the actions taken by the Law Office, court and court enforcement officers.