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About us

The Law Office Rączkowski & Kwieciński and Advocates in order to meet Clients’ requirements has specialized itself in claims recovery in pre-trial (amicable proceedings), trial and enforcement stages of the proceedings.

Our goal is to achieve the highest efficiency in recovery matters of our Clients. The direct contact with debtors based on the partnership relations enables to negotiate the most satisfactory solutions for each Part of the dispute.

We want the debtor to have the full knowledge of the proceedings, possibilities of negotiation of conditions and terms of repayment of the debt,as well as benefits they may count for in case of amicable conclusion of the case.

Our lawyers and collector specialists who contact with the debtors have many years of experience in negotiations in difficult matters.

The employees of the Law Office Rączkowski & Kwieciński and Advocates act on the basis of the Principles of Good Debt Recovery Practices and the Principles of Good Banking Practices  what guarantees reliability and professionalism.